Rebot is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service dedicated to the real estate industry. RPA technology works by mimicking the human actions which are repetitive and predictive, completing the otherwise manual tasks in no time at all.

Not only does Rebot enable a much faster and virtual workforce, but it also reduces the probability of human error. Using Machine Learning, our Rebots can execute a structured sequence of steps, leading to meaningful and accurate activity without human intervention.

RPA Technology

The Inland Group has worked closely with our Retransform technical team to understand the concept of saving time and reducing the workload from a repetitive task by applying RPA technology.

Benefits of using RPA for real estate

Ensures accuracy

Increases efficiency

Improves productivity

Provides reliability

Creates consistency

Offers scalability

Allows flexibility

Boosts agility

Decreases costs

Key Features of Rebot

  • Opening emails and attachments

  • Logging into web/enterprise applications

  • Moving files and folders

  • Auto filling of forms

  • Reading & writing to databases

  • Making calculations

  • Connecting to disparate systems

  • Extract structured data

  • Collecting social media statistics

  • Follow if/then decision rules

Our recommended approach


Organize a discussion with the Process Owner and SME’s.


Obtain a high - level description of the process (walk through process).


Understand the complexity of the process and the challenges (from SME and RPA point of view).


Capture process metrics (scope, applications involved, number of FTEs volumes, SLAs, time, dependencies, challenges, complexity, stakeholders involved and the role).


Prepare the Process Design Document with the help of Keystroke level documentation or process recordings.


Define scope (In/ Out of Scope) for RPA from the beginning and continuously validate this classification during the documentation process.


Log the reasons which determine the feasibility of the process / actions.

Examples of our RPA bots

General accounting
  • Income Statement with Variance Commenting
  • Late Fee Billing
  • Payables Processing
  • Reviewing and Posting Periodic Billing
  • Abstract output in Required ETL Format
  • Lease Abstraction
  • Lease Administration
  • Email/Mail the Rental Statements
Business Administration
  • CAM/INS/TAX Reconciliation Letters
  • Certificate of Insurance (COI) Management
  • Manual Reconciliation
  • Correspondences – Emailing Monthly Tenant Invoices/Statements

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